BeeHealthy’s Anni Iso-Mustajärvi participates in the World Economic Forum in Davos

Anni Iso-Mustajärvi, Director of BeeHealthy’s SaaS business, and seven other Finnish changemakers under the age of 35 is participating in the World Economic Forum’s event in Davos together with the Finnish Flow delegation.

“It’s wonderful that decision-makers from all over the world come together to consider how humanity can continue to move forward together in a sustainable way. At the same time, it’s also being considered how, for example, the challenges of healthcare can be solved together. We are able to take initiatives and share ideas at this unique forum”  Anni Iso-Mustajärvi describes her feelings from Davos. 

Several countries are currently looking for solutions to resource needs due to an aging population and rising health care costs. BeeHealthy is ready to meet these needs. 

“At BeeHealthy, we believe that by changing existing big structures and the way we do things, we will make a bigger impact and change in people’s lives. We have a ready-made solution for the digital leap in healthcare that has already been extensively tested in international use” she says. 

“The healthcare market is going through a breakthrough in digitalisation.”

According to Iso-Mustajärvi, conversation is needed so that new and better ways of providing health services can be achieved. Among other things, there is a need to discuss how health care can be delivered more efficiently, effectively and locally and over time. 

“The healthcare market is going through a breakthrough in digitalisation. The change is expected, as the industry has been one of the slowest in the digital development. Regulation and funding models must support innovative solutions. If, for example, compensation mechanisms are resolved for physical receptions and minutes, there will be a system drain failure. In addition to these issues, common solutions are needed to change the issues” Iso-Mustajärvi reflects. 

Change is not easy. The deployment of digital solutions requires the creation of new business models and practices. 

“For this, we at BeeHealthy have a unique experience and ability. Long-term work and helping big gamblers do things better will make an impact and bring even better care to a truly large number of people”

“What sets us apart from other players is that we are not just a software company, but our digital development is done internally with our own healthcare professionals’ resources and capabilities, which we can now commercialise elsewhere. We have a unique position to promote digital development outside Finland by offering ready-made and tested solutions to other healthcare players. We also carry out continuous development work together with our customers” Iso-Mustajärvi cheers.  

Patients at the heart of all development work.

Iso-Mustajärvi is especially proud of the development of digital health services in Mehiläinen. 

“We really want to make the patient’s life easier and enable smooth health care. All health data and access to a professional is in your pocket 24/7. At the same time, we have developed a medical framework that enables quality care. We’ve been pioneers in how medicine can meet new challenges with digital tools” she says. 
“In the spirit of the World Economic Forum, I could sum up our goals so that we want to build more equitable and democratic healthcare with scalable platform solutions as a partner for both public and private service providers” Iso-Mustajärvi concludes.

The World Economic Forum is held from 22 to 26,2022 and will bring together more than 2,000 leaders and experts from around the world.