BeeHealthy’s corporate culture and values ​supporting the well-being of employees and the work environment

Just as bumblebees look for certain flowers and the environment where they have the best opportunities to live and grow, BeeHealthy team members had looked for the best possible work environment and culture before joining BeeHealthy. 

Shared values, goals, attitudes and practices characterise the workplace, which forms the culture, a bit like the organisation’s DNA. Conceptually, it’s the way people think about the work they do, the values ​​they believe in, how they see the company growing, and what they do to achieve it. 

You might be eager to know what kind of air we breathe here at BeeHealthy where we have attracted 37 new team members in 2022 alone, and how we nurture and maintain the same spirit as our parent company Mehiläinen? Simply, we share the same values ​​and make sure that they are reflected in our daily activities. BeeHealthy and Mehiläinen’s culture strongly emphasizes quality, operations, cooperation, and openness.  The subject is interesting, because there are not many similar cases or studies of similar business ties in the Finnish or global market: the birth of a modern technology start-up company in healthcare and residential care service provider Mehiläinen, which history dates to 1909.

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Picture taken on a team day earlier in 2022.

Since at BeeHealthy one of the strong reflections of our culture is openness, I gave one of our valued employees, Enxhi Minaj, a voice to share in her own words what she feels and thinks about our culture:

Culture of action

To me, culture of action means that we as employees are given the trust and freedom to act responsibly in decision-making in every task assigned to us or tasks where we want to promote our ideas. Isn’t this the best way for everyone to show their full potential? In short, I would like to say that BeeHealthy’s core values ​​make me appreciate my role here and the people around me!

Culture of quality

The quality of our service is the primary goal that we all strive to achieve. We care about software security and the way we develop our software.

Culture of cooperation

We collaborate and exchange ideas with our colleagues to create and achieve the best optimal solution to our challenges.

Culture of openness

When it comes to openness, it makes us better employees. We can freely express our concerns and provide positive feedback to each other, which makes us more productive and happier in the workplace.

Thank you, Enxhi, for sharing your thoughts! Consciously or not, every employee affects the company culture. Especially when the building materials of corporate culture consist of open communication and transparent feedback, the cultural contribution is more likely to take place in real life. Besides that, company culture is ultimately everyone’s responsibility and people are at the centre of everything. That’s why I encourage everyone to get to know colleagues on a personal level and contribute to the air you breathe and live in at work every single day! 

Since the right culture can increase the level of purpose you find in your work and positively affect your wellbeing, I strongly recommend that you think about what kind of work life home you would like to spend most of your week in? 

P.S. If you are interested in working at BeeHealthy, discover our open positions here or fill in the contact information form at the end of Careers page and our Talent Acquisition Team will be in contact with you!