The BeeHealthy platform: A Game-Changer for Healthcare Providers’ Profitability and Patient Satisfaction

By providing more convenient, accessible, and personalised care through the BeeHealthy platform, healthcare providers can attract more patients, improve profitability, and improve patient outcomes.

Digital tools have transformed the healthcare industry in recent years, providing healthcare providers with the ability to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes. The revolutionary BeeHealthy platform is leading the way in this digital healthcare revolution.

The BeeHealthy platform is a comprehensive digital platform that offers a range of services, including virtual consultations, online appointment booking, e-prescriptions, and online laboratory results. By leveraging digital technology, the platform is a game-changer for healthcare providers’ profitability and patient satisfaction.

Reaching more patients and providing more personalised care

One of the key benefits of the BeeHealthy platform is that it enables healthcare providers to reach more patients. With the Digital Clinic module’s virtual consultation feature, healthcare providers offer their services to patients who may not have access to in-person care, such as those living in remote areas. The Digital Clinic also enables patients to immediately access physicians 24/7. Depending on your business model, you can use it to increase revenue opportunities or use the Digital Clinic as a digital gatekeeper to block unnecessary visits to the physical network. Whichever the case, patients love it, as they receive more convenient and accessible care.

Moreover, the platform’s Online Booking module offers online appointment booking, allowing patients to schedule appointments at their convenience, reducing administrative overhead for healthcare providers, and improving patient satisfaction by reducing waiting times.

With the platform’s Patient History and Timeline modules, patients have personal access to their medical records, e-prescriptions, health checks, surveys, reminders of upcoming appointments – all in the patient’s pocket 24/7. These features cut the need for patients to contact or physically visit the doctor. 

Another advantage that enables healthcare providers to increase adherence to care is the Care plans module. In the Care plans, patients have access to guided patient journeys and coaching programs for illness prevention or lifestyle change management addressing weight management, stress, activity, nutrition, and sleep. This not only improves patient outcomes but also enhances patient satisfaction.

Boosting healthcare providers’ financial success

The success of the BeeHealthy platform is evident in the financial results of healthcare providers that have adopted the platform. By streamlining workflows and reducing administrative overhead, providers can focus their physicians’ time on patients. If operating in a capitation-based model, providers have been able to decrease unnecessary physical visits while increasing the overall availability of care. In fee-for-service models, healthcare providers can increase revenue while improving the quality of care.  

By supplying more convenient, accessible, and personalised care, healthcare providers can attract more patients, manage demand, and improve patient outcomes. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, digital tools like the Digital Clinic will play a critical role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.  

In conclusion, the digitisation of healthcare services through the BeeHealthy platform has resulted in favourable financial results for healthcare providers. The platform’s ability to offer convenience and accessibility to patients, perfect resource usage, and reduce overhead costs has made it a game-changer in the healthcare industry.  

As healthcare continues to evolve, healthcare providers must embrace digital solutions to remain competitive and profitable. BeeHealthy is the solution to achieve both, and it’s an investment worth considering for any healthcare provider looking to create profitability while improving patient satisfaction.  

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Buy or build: 6 advantages of buying a white-label digital healthcare solution

While building a digital healthcare solution from scratch might seem like a more customised and flexible option, buying a white-label SAAS solution offers several advantages.

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and adapting to modern technologies. One of the most significant advancements is the rise of digital service solutions. Healthcare providers can now offer telemedicine, patient management systems, and other digital services that improve patient care and streamline operations. However, deciding whether to buy or build a digital service solution can be a challenging decision, especially for smaller healthcare providers.  

BeeHealthy’s parent company, Mehiläinen, is one of the largest privately owned healthcare providers in Europe and decided already +10 years ago to invest in digital services. Being a frontrunner, Mehiläinen had no choice but to build the platform themselves. In 2019, Mehiläinen started providing their platform to other healthcare providers as a white-label SAAS so that other healthcare providers did not have to go through the same burdensome journey.  

While building a solution from scratch might seem like a more customised and flexible option, buying a white-label digital service solution offers several advantages. White-label digital service solutions are pre-built software applications that are designed to be customised and rebranded by businesses. Essentially, these solutions provide the underlying technology and infrastructure for a particular service, while businesses can apply their own branding, features, and functionality on top. Here are some advantages of buying a white-label digital service solution.

1. Shorter time to market 

Building a digital service solution from scratch can take months or even years of development, testing, and deployment. By contrast, white-label solutions are pre-built and ready to be customised and launched quickly. This can significantly reduce the time to market, allowing businesses to start providing their services to customers sooner.  

2. Lower costs 

Developing a digital service solution from scratch can be a costly endeavour, requiring a significant investment in software development, infrastructure, and resources. White-label solutions, on the other hand, are typically more cost-effective, as they eliminate many of the development costs associated with building a solution from scratch. Businesses can leverage the pre-built infrastructure and technology of a white-label solution to reduce costs and achieve a faster return on investment.  Also developing new features and modules is cheaper as multiple clients share the costs.  

3. Proven technology 

White-label solutions are developed and maintained by experienced technology providers who have a track record of success. By purchasing a white-label solution, businesses can leverage the expertise and technology of a proven solution provider, reducing the risk of developing and deploying a solution that may not meet their needs. White-label solutions also often come with technical support, maintenance, and updates, ensuring that the technology stays up to date and reliable.  

4. Customisation 

One of the most significant advantages of white-label solutions is the ability to customise the solution to meet specific business needs. White-label solutions are designed to be flexible and can be customised to include branding, features, and functionality that align with a business’s unique requirements. This level of customisation allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors, providing a unique service experience that can drive customer loyalty and retention. 

5. Scalability 

As businesses grow and evolve, their digital service needs may also change. Building a digital solution from scratch can limit a business’s ability to scale and adapt to changing market conditions. White-label solutions, on the other hand, are designed to be scalable and can accommodate changing business needs over time. This scalability allows businesses to expand their services and reach new markets without the need for significant redevelopment or re-implementation. 

6. Access to expertise and insights 

Purchasing a white-label digital service solution can provide healthcare providers with access to the expertise and insights of experienced technology providers in digital healthcare. This can include best practices for telemedicine implementation, insights into patient engagement and user experience, and guidance on regulatory compliance. By leveraging this expertise, healthcare providers can make informed decisions and improve the overall effectiveness of their telemedicine services. 

In conclusion, buying a white-label digital service solution offers several advantages over building a solution from scratch. It allows businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow their businesses, without the burden and risk of developing a solution from scratch.  

BeeHealthy’s extensively tested platform for patient engagement is employed by prominent healthcare providers across 10 countries, making it well-equipped to facilitate your digital transformation. 

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Evidence from telehealth: Bridging the care continuum and generating new business

Digital healthcare tools hold the potential to change the way we promote health, treatment, and recovery.

Healthcare has traditionally been organised by the terms of the providers, leaving patients with the burden of navigating through a complex network of services. This not only causes frustration but can at worst lead to unnecessary delays and adverse health outcomes. Meanwhile we are witnessing a surge in mental health issues and lifestyle-related diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that by 2030, the proportion of total global deaths due to chronic disease is expected to increase to 70 percent and the global burden of disease to 56 percent.  

So far, effective means for supporting the prevention and treatment adherence of these diseases have remained elusive. Digital tools hold the potential to change the way we promote health, treatment, and recovery. Applications can help us to guide patients through their health journeys in a multitude of scenarios from getting pregnant to going through surgery or making a lifestyle change to prevent the onset of chronic disease. Research shows that generating behavioural change requires gamification and continued support, and typically the barrier is not a lack of knowledge on what needs to be done, but rather the failure to actually execute the beneficial changes.  

Digital patient journeys can provide the patient with well-timed reminders that help build improved, sustainable habits. In addition, they can be used to clarify the stages of treatment and care, providing the patient with clear knowledge of what needs to be done next at any given time. Health care professionals, in turn, are able to scale up their work as they can effectively monitor the patients’ progression on their given pathway, and provide interventions when they are needed, instead of waiting until the next physical encounter.  

Our experience from different markets such as Finland and Switzerland show that people want to engage and be active in managing their health. Case examples include patients undergoing an orthopaedic procedure, coaching program patients aiming to make a lifestyle change such as quitting smoking or losing weight and diabetic patients.  

Our evidence shows that when we empower patients with continuous support and guidance we can improve treatment outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and make better use of care personnel’s time. The BeeHealthy platform facilitates patient engagement and supports the patient journey. It is currently used in over 10 countries by over 1,5 million people.

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BeeHealthy’s corporate culture and values ​supporting the well-being of employees and the work environment

Just as bumblebees look for certain flowers and the environment where they have the best opportunities to live and grow, BeeHealthy team members had looked for the best possible work environment and culture before joining BeeHealthy. 

Shared values, goals, attitudes and practices characterise the workplace, which forms the culture, a bit like the organisation’s DNA. Conceptually, it’s the way people think about the work they do, the values ​​they believe in, how they see the company growing, and what they do to achieve it. 

You might be eager to know what kind of air we breathe here at BeeHealthy where we have attracted 37 new team members in 2022 alone, and how we nurture and maintain the same spirit as our parent company Mehiläinen? Simply, we share the same values ​​and make sure that they are reflected in our daily activities. BeeHealthy and Mehiläinen’s culture strongly emphasizes quality, operations, cooperation, and openness.  The subject is interesting, because there are not many similar cases or studies of similar business ties in the Finnish or global market: the birth of a modern technology start-up company in healthcare and residential care service provider Mehiläinen, which history dates to 1909.

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Picture taken on a team day earlier in 2022.

Since at BeeHealthy one of the strong reflections of our culture is openness, I gave one of our valued employees, Enxhi Minaj, a voice to share in her own words what she feels and thinks about our culture:

Culture of action

To me, culture of action means that we as employees are given the trust and freedom to act responsibly in decision-making in every task assigned to us or tasks where we want to promote our ideas. Isn’t this the best way for everyone to show their full potential? In short, I would like to say that BeeHealthy’s core values ​​make me appreciate my role here and the people around me!

Culture of quality

The quality of our service is the primary goal that we all strive to achieve. We care about software security and the way we develop our software.

Culture of cooperation

We collaborate and exchange ideas with our colleagues to create and achieve the best optimal solution to our challenges.

Culture of openness

When it comes to openness, it makes us better employees. We can freely express our concerns and provide positive feedback to each other, which makes us more productive and happier in the workplace.

Thank you, Enxhi, for sharing your thoughts! Consciously or not, every employee affects the company culture. Especially when the building materials of corporate culture consist of open communication and transparent feedback, the cultural contribution is more likely to take place in real life. Besides that, company culture is ultimately everyone’s responsibility and people are at the centre of everything. That’s why I encourage everyone to get to know colleagues on a personal level and contribute to the air you breathe and live in at work every single day! 

Since the right culture can increase the level of purpose you find in your work and positively affect your wellbeing, I strongly recommend that you think about what kind of work life home you would like to spend most of your week in? 

P.S. If you are interested in working at BeeHealthy, discover our open positions here or fill in the contact information form at the end of Careers page and our Talent Acquisition Team will be in contact with you!

Kannattaisiko hyvinvointialueen ostaa vai rakentaa itse digiratkaisut alueelleen?

Suomen hyvinvointialueiden viralliseen aloitukseen on neljä kuukautta aikaa ja eri puolella Suomea sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon uudistuksen valmistelu on kovassa vauhdissa. Tämä on hyvä, sillä haasteita riittää. Julkisuudessa on puhuttu paljon muun muassa henkilöstön riittävyydestä ja henkilöstömitoituksesta, lainsäädännön asettamista muista uusista vaatimuksista, kuten hoitotakuusta ja rahoituksesta sekä palveluiden priorisoinnista, kuten viime viikolla apulaisprofessori Paulus Torkin johdolla tehdyssä laajassa selvityksessä julkaistiin.

Hyvinvointialueen ratkaisuja haasteisiin voidaan etsiä esimerkiksi seuraavilla kahdella tavalla:

1. Palvelutuotannon tuottajan vaihtaminen ”make or buy” -analyysin perusteella

a) Arvio nykytilanteesta; mikä toimii ja mikä ei? Miksi jotkin asiat toimivat huonosti, ja missä kustannukset tai jonot ovat kasvaneet odotettua voimakkaammin? Miten ongelmakohtiin voitaisiin puuttua, kauanko se vaatisi aikaa ja paljonko se maksaisi itse tehtynä? Mitä tapahtuu, jos ei tehdä muutoksia?
b) Miten asukkaiden tarpeet tai lainsäädäntö muuttuvat tulevien vuosien aikana?
c) “Make or buy” -analyysi ja sen pohjalta toimiminen. Missä hyvinvointialueen oma palvelutuotanto on parempi ja edullisempi kuin ulkopuolelta ostetut palvelut ratkaisemaan nykyisiä ongelmakohtia tai tulevaisuuden haasteita? Missä taas yksityiset toimijat ovat parempia, ja miksi näin on? Voidaanko realistisesti yksityisen mahdollinen tuottavuus- ja/tai vaikuttavuusetu saavuttaa omilla toimenpiteillä ja budjetilla halutussa aikataulussa? Jos ei, niin sitten valmistelemaan tuottamistavan muutosta.

2. Tuottamistavan vaihtaminen osittain tai kokonaan digipalveluihin

Jälkimmäisenä vaihtoehtona sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon resurssi- ja kustannushaasteisiin voi toimia palveluiden toimintatavan muutos digipalveluiden avulla, jolloin nousee esille myös aiemmin mainittu kysymys “tehdäkö itse vai ostaako valmis ulkopuolelta?”.

” Hyvinvointialueiden kannattaa olla hereillä ja harkita huolellisesti, mitä kannattaa ostaa ulkoa ja mitä tehdä itse… Suomalaisten yksityisten terveydenhoitoyritysten digitaaliset palvelut ovat pitkäjänteisen kehitystyön ja isojen investointien tulos. Tässä tilanteessa ei ole järkeä, että jokainen hyvinvointialue käyttäisi miljoonia euroja uusien palveluiden suunnitteluun ja koodaamiseen.” sanoo Jussi Ailisto VALOR Partners Oy:n kirjoituksessa, jossa pohditaan, pelastaako digisovellus ruuhkautuneen sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon.

Digitaaliset palvelut voivat tutkitusti parantaa hoitoon pääsyä ja tuottaa merkittävää laatua hyvällä asiakaskokemuksella, mutta uuden digitaalisen asiointikanavan julkaisussa piilee myös vaara, että helpompi palveluiden saavutettavuus synnyttää lisäkysyntää. Tämä yhdistettynä entisiin henkilöstöresursseihin voi johtaa aiempia pidempiin jonoihin palveluihin pääsyssä. Julkisen sektorin toimijalle tämänkaltainen lopputulos ei ole tietenkään tarkoituksenmukaista, kun budjettikaan ei mahdollista uusien ammattilaisten palkkaamista.

Onkin tärkeää, että hankittavan digiratkaisun avulla voidaan saavuttaa riittävä tuottavuusloikka ja toimintatapojen muutos ilman laadun heikentymistä.  Tässä välissä sopii jo hieman kehaista, että esimerkiksi Päijät-Soten yhteisyrityksestä Harjun Terveydessä saimme mm. digipalveluiden avuilla lyhennettyä lääkärille pääsyn yli 20 päivästä käytännössä nollaan – entisellä budjetilla.  Modernit etäpalvelut eivät kuitenkaan keskity vain tuottavuuden kasvuun, vaan myös mm. pitkäaikaissairaiden potilaiden hoidon vaikuttavuuden kehittämiseen. 

Mikäli luet tätä tekstiä Päijät-Hämeen tai Länsi-Uudenmaan ulkopuolelta, ajattelet ehkä, että alueenne tilanne ei ole aivan identtinen heidän tilanteeseensa, eivätkä samat digipalvelut ja -toimintamallit sovi teille. Totta! Olen samaa mieltä. Tämän vuoksi olemmekin mahdollistaneet valmiin digiratkaisun räätälöinnin asiakasorganisaation omien tarpeiden mukaiseksi niin Suomessa että laajasti kansainvälisesti.

Olenkin sitä mieltä, että digiratkaisuissa kannattaa valita ostaminen rakentamisen sijaan.  Asiointialustallamme on asiakkaita yli 10 maassa ja tarjoamme tämän Suomessakin käytössä olevan ratkaisun myös muiden hyvinvointialueiden käyttöön. Samalla kauttamme saa myös konsernin digipalveluiden ammattilaisia käyttöönne, mikäli alueenne painii henkilöstöhaasteiden kanssa.

Kerron mielelläni, miten me ja kehittämämme alustaratkaisu voisi auttaa teitä kehittämään asukkaillenne tarjottavia palveluita ja mahdollistaa kaikkien digiin soveltuvat sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluiden tarjoamisen heille yhdeltä luukulta.

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