Successful start of new digital health services in Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki

Päijät-Sote Digital Clinic was introduced to the municipal residents of Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki at the end of December 2021. The action has a successful start.

Päijät-Sote’s digital services have brought smoothness to the health services of the residents of Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki since the beginning of the year. At Digital Clinic, treatment has been achieved quickly: on average, the help of a general practitioner has been received within about 17 minutes. More than 3,500 discussions have already been conducted at Digital Clinic.

– Rapid access to treatment is one of the most important objectives of our digital services, and this has been well implemented in Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki. We have been able to take advantage of the excellent lessons learned from Harjun terveys in launching the new operating model successfully within the well-being services county in other municipalities and activities in the region, says Ossi Laukkanen, Director of Digital Health Services at Mehiläinen, which provides the service.

You can get help from Digital Clinic, for example, for sudden abdominal, eye, skin and upper respiratory symptoms. In addition to aches and other problems in the oral area, you can visit the digital clinic’s oral health care service channel for various treatment instructions and advice. The ‘Worry about coping’ service channel provides discussion help on mental health, substance abuse and interpersonal challenges.

– The most common reasons for contacting Digital Clinic in the Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki areas have been upper respiratory tract infections, including Covid-19. Gastric disease, urinary tract infections and eye infections also arise in diagnoses made at Digital Clinic in the region, says Essi Kainonen, Medical Director of BeeHealthy and Mehiläinen Digital Health Services.

Users of digital services can be found in the region in a wide range of age groups. The largest user groups can be found in the age group 20-49 years. People over the age of 60 have also found the service well. In Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki, around 9% of the discussions have been conducted with that age group.

– We have also extensively served children at Digital Clinic. They accounted for about 13% of the discussions. The next expansion in the development of our services in Hollola, Asikkala and Padasjoki will be the introduction of a children’s service channel at the end of the autumn. We already have an excellent track record with children’s services, too, from Harjun terveys, says Laukkanen.

The Päijät-Sote digital application can be used in a web browser or in an application that are tailored to Päijät-Sote’s brand and needs. For Harjun terveys customers, Digital Clinic has been in use since the beginning of 2021. All in all, more than 65,000 discussions have been held in Harjun terveys during its operations.