Revolutionise access to care with Digital Clinic

Harjun Terveys, a Joint Venture Company established by Mehiläinen and the Päijät Häme region in Finland, took the BeeHealthy platform in use at the beginning of 2021. After the deployment of the platform, service availability has risen to an outstanding level with patient waiting times dropping from 10+ days to near zero.

So, what are the key elements that make doctors’ patient care more efficient and faster, without compromising on quality?

In our online webinar, Anni Iso-Mustajärvi, Director of BeeHealthy, Essi Kainonen, Medical Director of BeeHealthy, and Joonas Turunen, CEO of Harjun Terveys’ start-up phase, will be discussing:

How Harjun Terveys was able to revolutionise patients’ access to health care with the help of digital tools

How a digital platform can help you increase doctor efficiency and improve quality of care

How digitalisation contributes to a better customer experience and satisfaction

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