Making healthcare smarter. For you and your patients.

BeeHealthy is a shortcut to your digital health services.

The world is changing faster than ever before – and the world of healthcare with it.

There has never been a greater need for better healthcare. The rapid ageing of the population, poor accessibility and new technologies are forcing us to rethink how we get healthcare and how we should provide it. So, how do we make healthcare better? By making it smarter. And by smarter, we mean more efficient, more impactful and more affordable. Easier, faster, and more accessible.

110 years of healthcare experience packed into a customizable digital platform.

BeeHealthy is the result of our 110-year experience and know-how in healthcare – now available as a digital healthcare platform with your branding. With BeeHealthy you can open up your own digital clinic with triage, make online bookings and digitize patient journeys. Best of all, you can offer your patients 24/7 access to personalized, streamlined and comprehensive mobile health services remotely, cost efficiently and with outstanding customer experience.

Proven and tested

Developed by Mehiläinen, a leading Nordic health care provider with over 110 years of healthcare experience.

Leverage your own brand

White-label module-based software that uses your brand for differentiation and customer loyalty.

Easy and fast to implement

Start with the Digital Clinic and add features piece by piece.

Full integration

Integrate the patient and practitioner interfaces to your existing electronic medical journals and other operating systems.

Continuous development

Continuous and innovative development with scale benefits, driven by leading health care providers.

Modern, secure technology

Secure, scalable and compliant cloud-based platform that is built with modern technology components.

Platform agnostic

Available for web and both iOS and Android.

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