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Get to know BeeHealthy’s features and platform benefits


You can implement new features piece by piece. Start for example with the Digital Clinic and add more as your digital journey progresses.

Graphs show operative KPIs from BeeHealthy’s platform in use at Mehiläinen in Finland

Integrating BeeHealthy to your existing systems is easy

The BeeHealthy platform is your one-stop-shop for digitizing your care provision. With all the modules for building a modern digital-physical healthcare service provision. Integration with your existing systems enables patients and practitioners to follow the whole care pathway on one platform while combining digital and physical appointments.

Integration and maintenance done against BeeHealthy solution’s standard APIs.

Patient systems and electronic health record

Personal information, referrals, visits, measurements, laboratory and imaging results, bookings, invoicing information

PACS / Imaging and laboratory systems

Laboratory, imaging


Credit card payments (stripe), insurance company reimbursements

Business intelligence and reporting

All information for reporting and management KPIs

Customer feedback

NPS, open feedback


Your practitioners’ perspective: digital tools that meet practical needs

The practitioner’s perspective has been and will always remain pivotal in designing the BeeHealthy platform. We have strong medical representation in the development work and constantly reiterate based on feedback from the thousands of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, dentists and other physicians who use our tools in their everyday work.

The BeeHealthy platform offers a safe, high quality and GDPR compliant suite of digital tools to increase interactions with patients and drive efficiency in care. Intelligent algorithms in the symptom checker readily triage patients and provide a compact summary for the physician to decide on the diagnosis with an option to continue by chat or upgrade to video. If continuing by chat, physicians can choose from ready customizable phrases for fast, high quality medical practice.

With patient profiles and easy access to previous medical records, physicians never have to start from scratch. For longer treatment paths, physicians can easily build digital care pathways with automated action point reminders and contact points to improve adherence and to effectiveness of care. In addition, BeeHealthy provides ready-made high quality preventative digital coaching programs to support your patients in making the lifestyle changes their health needs.

The BeeHealthy platform – from healthcare professionals to healthcare professionals.

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