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Our story dates back over a century, to a time when Finland as an independent nation was still to be born, and universal healthcare was a utopia. Four doctors, united in a vision to improve the accessibility of healthcare, founded the first Finnish-speaking private hospital, Mehiläinen (“Bee” in English). Ever since, Mehiläinen has played the role of an innovator through finding smarter ways to improve the quality and accessibility of care.

Today, the world is changing faster than ever before – and the world of healthcare is no exception. The rapid ageing of the population, innovative treatment methods and new technologies are pushing us to reimagine how healthcare is provided. As patients are navigating through rising costs, lack of accessibility and prolonged waiting times, the need for better healthcare solutions has never been more essential.

So how do we make healthcare better? By making it smarter.

BeeHealthy was born inside Mehiläinen to make healthcare smarter for all – healthcare providers and patients. What do we mean by smarter? More efficient, more impactful, and more affordable. Easier, faster and more accessible. We bring our extensive healthcare experience and technological know-how to everyone’s reach through a modern digital platform that is customizable for all healthcare providers. We believe that making healthcare smarter has to do with utilizing digital services, but it also requires a change of mindset – continuous coaching, co-operation and rethinking the patient experience altogether.

The alliance of healthcare and technology is in our dna

We have been providing healthcare for over 110 years in Finland, the home of quality healthcare and technology. We have both the experience and evidence that smarter healthcare leads to healthier and more satisfied patients. Through the BeeHealthy platform, we want to help others transform how healthcare is accessed and provided around the world. We are passionate in taking this leap together – from one healthcare professional to another. Because that’s the smartest thing to do.

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