Mehiläinen is launching a range of healthcare service packages with a monthly fee – the focus is on the advanced digital services that have shaped the industry

Mehiläinen will launch healthcare service packages with a monthly fee during the remainder of the year. The packages include digital physician and nurse services and they are designed specifically for light entrepreneurs, families with children, students and pensioners.

Over the past couple of years, the significant transition to digital healthcare services has continued, while there is also a strong need and demand for traditional appointments. The number of digital physician appointments at Mehiläinen this year is breaking the milestone of one million appointments.

Mehiläinen’s service packages with a monthly fee serve customers in a new way: the customer makes an agreement with Mehiläinen, which provides them unlimited access to the digital healthcare services included in the service package. The service packages are based on a careful analysis of customer needs.

– “There are large customer segments in Finland who need to manage their health issues in a new way. We are responding the to changed purchasing and consumption habits by tailoring service packages for different stages of life and customer segments in addition to traditional appointment-based brick-and-mortar services,” says Karolus Viitala, Mehiläinen’s Business Unit Director, Private Customers.

– “A comprehensive network of conventional appointment services will continue to be needed for a wide range of health issues that cannot be dealt with online. However, there is still great potential for continuing the digital leap in health and well-being, especially with regard to chat-based doctor and nurse appointments. Mehiläinen is at the forefront of the development of chat-based healthcare from the point of view of both customer experience and the efficiency of medical work. We are now applying our experience in our service packages,” Viitala adds.

Support for light entrepreneurs and everyday advice for families with children

The packages with monthly fees make it easier to contact a doctor or nurse and lower the threshold for taking care of your health whenever concerns or questions arise.

– “For example, light entrepreneurs are a growing group of employees in a changing working life, thanks to the rising popularity of sole proprietorship and freelance work. At the moment, however, there are no comprehensive healthcare service packages specifically designed for them. We have a strong background as an expert of working life, and we also want to be a pioneer of services designed for light entrepreneurs. We are now offering them a monthly package, where the customer has access to a Digital Clinic doctor, the Puhti health examination and important occupational well-being content.”

Viitala also mentions families with children as a targeted customer group of the new service packages. Digital doctor services have been popular among families with children for a long time. Now, Mehiläinen can offer them low-threshold support for various concerns. The service offers extensive advice from carefully selected digital nurses whenever it is needed.

– “Medical services are focused on the treatment and prevention of diseases. However, parents often need advice on everyday matters, such as breastfeeding problems, the child’s sleep patterns or the eruption of teeth. This is what we are now bringing to the everyday life of families with children,” says Viitala. 

Over a million digital transactions

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Mehiläinen’s Digital Clinic has become a popular channel for maintaining one’s own health and well-being. More than a million doctor visits have taken place at Digital Clinic this year.

– “Our view is that the digital transition of private customers is still very much incomplete. This interpretation is supported by feedback and data from our customers. Over 80% of Digital Clinic users are occupational health customers, while in terms of traditional appointments, the corresponding figure is just over half. Many Finnish private customers would benefit from the possibilities of digital services if they were tailored according to their needs,” Viitala concludes.

The service packages combine digital services and a flexible service model to meet not only the needs of customers, but also the needs of professionals in the sector to carry out their work regardless of time and their location.

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Mehiläinen, Karolus Viitala, Business Unit Director, Private Customers
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